Lost Cities is now available on the Gear VR app store!

After a year of development, we couldn't be more excited to share with you our first VR game, Lost Cities, now available on the Gear VR app store (sorry, you can't link to their app store just yet).

You can read all about the rollercoaster ride it's been over on the Lost Cities VR development blog.

We've been a little quiet over the last few months, mainly due to:

  1. Rachael had herself a beautiful baby girl
  2. Lux chose the worst possible time to go on a backpacking journey across Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala :P
  3. Lesley has been on a world tour of his own (the conference circuit)

Les's world tour included the Vision Summit VR/AR conference in Hollywood, a trip to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where Oculus included Lost Cities in their featured Gear VR games. From there he flew to New York City to talk about the Canadian VR scene at the Media Summit conference. That was sandwiched by two business trips to Vancouver, and followed up by a trip to GDC where Oculus again showcased Lost Cities as a Gear VR title.

All while trying to hold down the fort and pushing ahead to get the game to a finished state.

As you can imagine, it's been a bit chaotic around here, and we're looking forward to catching up on sleep – but not before we celebrate the launch of our very first VR game in style! ;)

- by John Luxford

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