The future of Virtual Reality...

What does it mean to you if we say the words “future” and “VR” in one sentence?

Do you suddenly become overwhelmed with a dystopian future where VR has overtaken our lives, or do you see a world where Virtual Reality is making positive impacts every single day?

We see the latter.

The future is constantly evolving for Virtual Reality, and when you delve in and take a look, it’s easy to see all of the great things to benefit from.

There are some that see VR as a simple gaming experience, just another alternative for their computer screen. However, its scope ranges so much further than just gaming. From the medical sector helping their patients and training their surgeons, to new architects being able to walk in their creations before it is even build, to having a little teaser of your planned holiday in 360 videos, or all the way to a completely new way of experiencing movies with all the upcoming VR cameras. Virtual Reality has something to offer everybody.

The feature below on the Future of Virtual Reality by VR Bound covers the very best we have to look forward to.

Infographic: The Future of VR | VR Bound

We’ve already seen Youtube adapt its App to join VR (which is used by over 18 Million people globally) and many companies are now moving to develop their own short videos, advertisements and concepts through the power of Virtual Reality.

Along with this medical practices have already used VR to assist with exposure therapy to help patients overcome their fears and phobias.

As shown above through the hard facts and figures it’s clear that the industry is still fairly young. But as more and more consumers start to adopt the technology, we can expect endless possibilities to emerge and continue to grow.

Virtual Reality is approaching fast and we’re very excited in seeing all the different applications that come from it.

- by Rachael Hosein

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