We need some help from our friends!

We're looking for a variety of people who would be willing to test and give us feedback throughout our development of Flipside - an AR/VR performance platform.

We want to make sure we're making something that you will love, so your thoughts are vital.

What does this all entail? Glad you asked!

When we have something new to test, we'll call/email you, set up a time for you and a couple others to come down to our office (usually for about 1/2 an hour or so) where you'll get to have some fun in VR, share your thoughts about what you tested, and have some snacks!

If you're into it, please fill out this short survey telling us a little bit about yourself - Help us test Flipside features!

We'd also love if you could share this post around (so many favours, we know ;) The more people the better!

- by Rachael Hosein

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