Experience what it's like to be 150 feet in the air operating a tower crane in Tower Crane VR.

Controls accurately reflect the movement of a real tower crane, enabling users to really feel what it's like to pick up a load and carry it to its drop off point in a virtual construction site.

Tower Crane VR comes in two versions:


The Expo Edition is great for introducing conference and expo attendees to careers in construction. It provides a 3-minute time-limited game where players attempt to successfully pick up and drop off a load. Observers can watch on a separate screen to see their progress, and often try to compete to beat each other's best times.

Get people excited about exploring a career in construction with the Tower Crane VR Expo Edition.


The Trainer Edition is a multiplayer learning system that allows learners to safely practice lifts, communication and other skills, from different locations over the internet, appearing on the same virtual construction site.

Player one operates the tower crane while player two acts as signaller from a nearby building, providing both visual and auditory cues via our online multiplayer VR technology.

Talk to us today about how Tower Crane VR can help promote your construction industry, or help to drastically reduce your training costs.

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